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Primary Section covers Grade I to Grade V.

We provide a child friendly and protective framework system with very low class size in Primary School. Lower class size has been associated with higher achievement, better test scores, higher student self esteem and other positive outcomes. The effects of lower class size are especially beneficial in the early grades.

It supports children in their learning which includes the physical, mental, linguistic, cognitive and socio-emotional development, in addition to their health, nutrition and hygiene.

International curriculum

We maintain a solid commitment to academic excellence and total development of our students. By providing the right academic inputs and an effective developmental environment, we make the journey of the child from the first hesitant steps till Grade V pleasant, enlightening and memorable with concrete basics in academics.

Our Grade VI graduate is thus an academically well-equipped, self-dependent and mature youngster ready to excel in the next phase of education in middle school.

Primary level from Grade I till Grade VI positions learners on an exciting educational journey, setting out what they should be able to do at each stage of their primary education. The program develops learner skills and understanding through the primary years in English as the first language, Malayalam and Hindi as the second and third languages respectively, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology. It focuses on developing knowledge and skills in core subjects which form an excellent foundation for future study, say it, in any further board/curriculum.


The program is flexible:

We give important focus on students who are floating, which means those who are often coming/going from/to other schools. Parents are forced to change their children’s school because of unavoidable job changes. A child, especially in the early years faces difficulties while changing the school. Once a child joins us, after thorough study, concerned teachers & Student Counsellor can recommend the way of coaching he/she needs according to the current position. Individual attention will be given till they reach the expectation of the school. In this way, parents can get rid of running around tuition centers and children will be free from the extra burden of tuition.

Our students will not face any problems while they move into other schools after Grade VI because, by the time, they will be able to handle their studies themselves, they will be proficient in language and mathematical skills which makes them adapt with whatever syllabus they get into.

At each stage, students build on their previous learning – and our syllabus design reflects a ‘spiral’ approach, providing a natural progression throughout the primary years and beyond.

For outstation candidates, Malayalam is not mandatory.

Our assessments

We periodically assess the learner’s performance and report progress to learners and parents. We use internationally benchmarked tests, giving parents extra trust in the feedback they receive.

There are two assessment options: Primary Transition Tests and Primary development Tests. The tests provide teachers with an international benchmark to inform their teaching and easily measure learners' progress over time. They also facilitate detailed, structured Transition Learning & Development Statements to parents.